The Olympic Pact

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Memeber Nations

Imperium Romanum



This treaty is intended to foster good relations between the countries of Arcadia and Imperium Romanum, both signatory countries agree to the following terms:

I. Peace Either country agrees not to attack any members of the other country be it verbally or in game for any reason. In the case of an unintentional in-game attack, reparations are to be paid to cover 100% of the damage done when the incident is discovered. Both nations also may punish any of their cities who infringe on this treaty as they see fit. If the city that attacked refuses to pay reparations they must be expelled from their country and the country may take further action against the offender if they see fit.

II. Intelligence If any member of either country discovers information that the other country is in any kind of danger then the former is obligated to inform the government of the latter as soon as possible.

III. Aid If one country is in need of monetary aid then they may request it from the other country. That country may provide said aid, but is in no way required to.

IV. Cancellation At any time either country may cancel the treaty with 72 hours official notice.


For Arcadia:
Mr. Devo
President of Arcadia
Crunchy Death
Arcadian Diplomat

For Imperium Romanum:
Caesar Augustus Imperator
Caesar of the North, Magister Militium, Censor Fori
Caeser of the East and Minister of Foreign Affairs
Caesar of the West and Minister of Internal Affairs

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