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The United States of Steve

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Note: This Country has disbanded.

The United States of Steve

Stats Stats Rank
Founded On August 24th, 2008
Founded By Esoteria
Contact Info
Forum Forum
IRC #USS on Coldfront
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Application for Citizenship

Internal Structure
Leader President: Esoteria
Government Vice President: eliminat


08/24/2008 - The United States of Steve is founded.
08/25/2008 - The United States of Steve becomes a first page country.
08/27/2008 - The United States of Steve becomes a full signatory of the League of Esteemed Governments for Order.
10/03/2008 - The United States of Steve becomes RI Nation.


The Constitution of the United States of Steve


In the rainy nights and stagnant days of what we call our home - a dream was born. This dream was to bring together the long line of countries that share the same idealogy under one government, one banner, one vision. This marks the day that this dream is born - a dream that has taken many months to pursue - many months to be formed. Before we were many countries divided by different leadership and different rules for governing - now we are one. We are now the United States - a vast and glorious country for all to embrace and love.

Article I - Legislative Branch

Section I - Congress

Congress shall be made up of the Governors of the individual states and the Vice President. Congress shall consist of no less than 11 members. If there are not 10 governors of individual states plus the Vice President, then the President shall appoint Congressman until Congress shall equal 11 members. The existing members of Congress shall vote to allow the appointees their position within their ranks. These members shall serve until the next term, just as if they were a normal Congressman. Congress must be available once per day on the forums to vote or discuss any issues that have arisen since the previous day.

Sub-Section I - Honorary Congressman

Past presidents shall continue on in government and become honorary congressman. They will hold this position so long as they maintain a city within the country or member state. As there are no past presidents, the first honorary Congressman shall be Gussaroni of The Steel Pact.

Section II - Legislation

Congress shall have sole power to vote on legislation. Congress, the Vice President and the President have the power to introduce legislation to Congress. Legislation shall pass on a majority vote from Congress.

Section III - Veto Over-ride

The president has the power to Veto a bill. If a bill has been veto'd it will be sent back to Congress where they can over ride his veto by an 80% vote.

Section IV - War

Congress has the sole power to legislate a declaration of war.

Article II - Executive Branch

Section I - The President

The President shall be the Chief Executive, the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, the Chief Economist, Head of State, Director of Foreign Policy and Legislative Leader.

Sub Section I - Chief Executive

The President is the head of the Executive Branch. He has the power to appoint all members of the Executive Branch that he wishes, so long as they are approved by Congress with a majority vote. He has the power to remove any member of the Executive Branch without Congressional approval.

Sub Section II - Commander In Chief

The President if the head of the armed forces. He has the authority to authorize any military strike for any purpose. His powers are limited to 24 hour use of the armed forces without a full declaration of war from Congress. This is to prevent abuse from the President, as well as still giving the Country the needed response time for military response.

Sub Section III - Chief Economist

The President is in charge of ensuring that all economic AID programs are running smoothly. It is also the President's job to ensure that economic AID programs exist for the betterment of the individuals and the country as a whole.

Sub Section IV - Head of State

The President if the head of the country in foreign affairs. He has the power to appoint individual diplomats, but shall be the person at the head of the program.

Sub Section V - Director of Foreign Policy

The President shall have sold power in directing the country in foreign policy (aside from the Congress' ability to legislate treaties). He will designate diplomats to separate countries to represent the United States in formal negotiations.

Sub Section VI - Legislative Leader

The President has the power to sign any legislation into power that the Congress passes. Alternatively he also has the power to veto any legislation that he feels would be a detriment to the country.

Section II - Vice President

Sub-Section I - Head of Congress

The Vice President of the United States will be the Head of Congress. While being a member of Congress, he is not required to vote unless to do so to break a tie in legislation.

Sub-Section II - Line of Succession

The Vice President is next in line to assume the Presidency if the President is not available to lead the country.

Sub-Section III - Duties

The Vice President shall be assigned duties by the President. He is responsible to handle all of these duties without objections.

Section III - Secretary of State

The Secretary of State is appointed by the President and approved by majority vote by the Congress. The SoS will be in charge of handling Foreign Affairs that the President assigns to him. He will be in charge of directly overseeing diplomats to other countries.

Article III - Elections

Section I - President & Vice President

Elections shall take place every even numbered month on the 25th. Elections will be for a single ticket involving a President & Vice President candidate, not separate.

Section II - Congress

Elections for Congress shall take place every odd numbered month on the 25th. Each state is responsible for posting and collecting votes for their representative. If a state fails to handle this task, the President shall have the power to appoint a temporary Congressman from that state until the state can hold proper elections.

Article IV - State Admission

Section I - Application

A state must fill out form S251B in order to apply for statehood. Once the application has been received by Congress we will ask the country to submit their new constitution for approval by Congress. The application shall become a form of legislation. Congress will vote on the legislation accordingly as stated in Article I, Section II.

Section II - Acceptance

If a state has applied for statehood through Article IV, Section I and Congress has passed the application then the state is on it's way to becoming a full member. The President shall mask the Governor of the state in order to allow him/her to access their Congressional Office. The Governor will assume full congressional duties of legislation. It should be highly encouraged for all members of the new state to sign up for forum access on the United States of Steve forum so that they may vote for the President in upcoming elections.

Article V - Forums

Forums are located at and can be accessed by signing up for an account and then requesting either Citizenship or a Diplomatic Work Visa. Additionally you could also request statehood at this point in the registration process.

Article VI - IRC

The United States' official IRC channel shall be located on the ColdFront IRC Network and be in the channel #USS

Article VII - Documentation

All official USS documentation (treaties, constitution, etc..) shall be located and found in the Library of Congress on the USS forums.

Article VIII - Wiki

The United States of Steve shall have a person appointed who shall be in charge of keeping the wiki up to date. This person shall be appointed by the President and approved by Congress. The name of this position is unknown at this point. He shall be in the country to serve all who may need assistance in wiki projects.

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