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Last of The Legends War

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Last of The Legends War
Start Date:October 17, 2008
End Date:January 1, 2009
Also Known As:The War on Secrets

World War III

Legendary War
Legendary Society's Casus Belli: Spying on their forums.
Liberators's Casus Belli:Invalid CB
Results:Liberator Victory
Terms:Denounce TENT
Other Results:CDS, DInner Naked had to go for Dinner and never came back, Legendary Society destroyed.
Stats (Onset of War)

Strength- 21,416,674
Cities- 558
Average Strength- 38,381

Strength- 1,757,516
Cities- 152
Average Strength- 11,563

Stats (End of War)





The Consortium

The Secret Society

Farkland Islands
Imperial Coalitions of the Elite
Short Bus Republic
RI Nation
East India Company



Legendary Society
The Prussian Empire


Dinner Naked

Notes:*All the members of SRS BSNS are in The Entente Cordiale, however, as SRS BSNS declared as a whole, it is more accurate to label them SRS BSNS


Tensions Continue

After the Stalemate that was caused by the end of World War II, many of the nations involved continued to have bitter relationships with each other. The World moved towards war yet again, with the Creation of The Entente Cordial; which assured that Legendary Society's allies would back them in another war. While on the Other side, The Secret Society formed their own Power Bloc The Consortium, which did the same as The Entente, and raised the tensions higher.

The September Debacle

During the later days of September, Planet Steve saw worldwide blackouts, believed to be caused by one country or the other. After the Blackouts, Steve returned to what it was before they had occurred. At this time, many wished to know the identities of the culprits, Nemeth, a former leader of Legendary Society decided to use his connections to make sure his former allies were not the cause. After some spying around nemeth discovered that the Blackouts had their origin from his former country, and informed Dick The Scabby in hopes of letting the world know. This spying by nemeth is seen as the spark that caused the war.

War Begins

After almost nearly a month of preparing for this war, Legendary Society finally moved, and attacked the cities of The Secret Society. Legendary Society moved with the assistance of there Entente allies from SRS BSNS. During the first day of war, the match was almost equal on both sides, with Legion having the slight upper hand due to the amount of preparation they had put into the war. The next morning, the allies of The Secret Society and Admin began to enter the fray, and moved the war into the favor of The Liberators.

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