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Thirty Second War

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The Thirty Second War
Start Date:February 20, 2008
End Date:February 20, 2008
Casus Belli: MASZ did not pay reparations for a raid on time.
Results:MASZ Kingdom Surrender.
Terms:MASZ Kingdom accepts Polaris Viceroy.
Stats (Onset of War)



Stats (End of War)






MASZ Kingdom


Key Events

The Thirty Second War began on Feb 20, 2008 at 9:44 PM and ended officially at 12:00M EST between Polaris and the MASZ Kingdom. Polaris responded to the failure of the MASZ kingdom to pay reparations for a raid by a MASZ city on Polaris. MASZ Kingdom was given 48 hours to pay reparations.

The War

At 9:46 PM EST, Pacifica, Polaris's ally and "sister country", declared war on MASZ Kingdom. The first Polaris attack took place at 10:44PM EST and it was followed by a wave of attacks. Pacifica launched its own attack at 10:50 PM EST.

Surrender and Results

At 12:00 Midnight EST, MASZ Kingdom surrendered to Polaris and Pacifica, ending the war. The war actually lasted 2 hours, but because it was so short, the war was named The Thirty Second War. The war showed the world that Polaris will hold it's raid policy.

Future Friendship

Just 11 days after this war, Masz Kingdom signed a treaty making itself a protectorate of Polaris.

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