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Treaty Web

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The Treaty Web

The Treaty Web is a graphic display of all active, public treaties in City Empires.

This treaty web will automatically update when a new revision is posted.


Previous Revisions

View the previous revisions of this and historical Treaty Webs on the CE forum here.

Treaty Lists

  • List of Blocs - Blocs are a group of countries who act together for some common purpose.

Types of Treaties


  • GCA: Great Circle Alliance
  • MADP: Mutual Aggression and Defense Pact
  • MDoAP: Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact
  • MDP: Mutual Defense Pact
  • oDoAP: Optional Defense and Optional Aggression Pact
  • ODP: Optional Defense Pact
  • PIDAT: Peace, Intelligence, Defense and Aid Pact
  • NAoDP: Nonaggression and Optional Defense Pact
  • NAP: Nonaggression Pact
  • oNAP: Optional Nonaggression Pact


  • PIAT: Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Pact
  • MFAP: Mutual Foreign Aid Pact
  • oFAP: Optional Foreign Aid Pact


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