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Trigarian War

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Trigarian War
Start Date:May 27, 2008
End Date:June 21, 2008
Trigaria's Casus Belli: Alleged OOC attack
Persian CoaLUEtion's Casus Belli:Attacking LUEnited Nation; Espionage on NPE; Attacking LUEshica
Results:Heavy Damage done to Trigaria
Other Results:Trigaria goes inactive; Scotland cities kicked out of country; Trigaria deleted
Stats (Onset of War)

Population: 209,627
Strength: 329,330
Cities: 23

Population: 143,640
Strength: 144,287
Cities: 7

Stats (End of War)




The Persian CoaLUEtion

LUEnited Nation
New Persian Empire


City of Trigaria

On 5/27/2008, the city of Trigaria declared war on LUEnited Nation. New Persian Empire, a MADP ally of LN, threatened Trigaria to intervene. Trigaria spied on the capital city of NPE. The NPE then declared war on the city hours later.

The next day, Trigaria formed a new country called Scotland. The NPE soon declared war on Scotland. The war raged on.

On May 30th, a ceasefire was declared by the NPE and Scotland.

On June 08, LUEshica declared war on Trigaria.[1] The next days would show decisive battle after decisive battle against Trigaria by both cities in LUEshica and Nordland.

Nordland Involvement

On June 2, 2008, Nordland got involved in the fighting after the 3 days of ceasefire of NPE and of LUEnited Nation being battered. Within the next day, the strength of Scotland had been reduced to 35745. Nordland hit Scotland hard, and this caused Trigaria, the captial, to kick all the cities out of the country to spare them of damage. Nordland, however, refused to recognize the cities as no longer in the battle and kept attacking them. On June 7, the individual cities were offered surrender.


The Trigarian war was the first to have a large usage of spies in battle.


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