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Welcome to City Empires!

This is a basic tutorial on how to start your city.

One of the first things you should consider buying is 10 infrastructure, as it will allow people to start moving into your city. After buying 10 infrastructure, it is a good idea to view your city to see how many people moved in and that all requirements are met to keep your people happy (like power or water or military forces). Dont over buy things,buy only what your people need. Next continue to buy an additional 10 infrastructure and watch even more people move in. As you probably guessed by now, infrastructure is the way to grow your city.

Once your city is established you might also want to consider joining an already established country. By joining a country you will most likely get help in growing your country from others, protection from raiders, advice on how to play the game, and hey you might even meet some new friends. You can also look through topics on our fourms to find tips and helpful strategies on how to build a really successful city.

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