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Game Manual


Activity 9px-00%25.svg.png
Immunity 9px-00%25.svg.png
Multiple accounts 9px-75%25.svg.png


Mayor rating 9px-75%25.svg.png
Infrastructure 9px-75%25.svg.png
Population 9px-50%25.svg.png
Tax rate 9px-50%25.svg.png
Money 9px-50%25.svg.png
Advisors 9px-25%25.svg.png
Environment 9px-00%25.svg.png
Resources 9px-75%25.svg.png
Credit Market 9px-00%25.svg.png


Power 9px-25%25.svg.png
Garbage 9px-25%25.svg.png
Water 9px-25%25.svg.png
Utility Market 9px-50%25.svg.png


Education 9px-25%25.svg.png
Fire 9px-25%25.svg.png
Health 9px-25%25.svg.png
Police 9px-25%25.svg.png
Recreation 9px-00%25.svg.png


Projects 9px-50%25.svg.png
Improvements 9px-25%25.svg.png
Technology 9px-00%25.svg.png
Special 9px-00%25.svg.png


Military 9px-00%25.svg.png
Spying 9px-00%25.svg.png
Battling 9px-00%25.svg.png


Aid 9px-00%25.svg.png
Private Messaging 9px-75%25.svg.png
Trading 9px-00%25.svg.png


Charter 9px-100%25.svg.png
Orders 9px-100%25.svg.png
Capital city 9px-100%25.svg.png
Assistant cities 9px-75%25.svg.png
Allies 9px-100%25.svg.png
Enemies 9px-25%25.svg.png


Water Requirements

Your citizens will require water in order to survive. Making sure they are well supplied is one of your key responsibilities. To forecast how much water your citizens will need you can , use the following formula:


Water Pumps

Water Pumps are used to extract water from the ground. They are the most inexpensive source of water, but they maintenance is slightly more per each gallon produced.

- Pumps will produce 5,000 Gallons/day.
- The first pump costs $500 and increases with each purchase.
- Each pump has a maintenance of $100/day.
- As of 2/15/09, there is no longer a penalty for have more than 20 water pumps.

Treatment Plants

Treatment Plants are used to clean your city's water for further consumption.

- The first plant will cost $150,000 and increase with each purchase.
- Each facility has a maintenance of $1,500/day.
- One treatment plant is required for every 15,000 in population.


Desalination Facilities use electrical power to make fresh clean water for drinking from seawater.

- The first facility costs $500,000 and increases with each purchase.
- Each one produces 30,000/day.
- The maintenance costs are $1,500/day and 1MW of power.


A reservoir is a lake-like area where water is stored until needed.

- They produce 100,000 Gallons/day
- The first facility costs $250,000 and increases with each purchase. - The maintenance costs are $1,500/day for each.
- An environmental penalty of 1.25% will be taken for each one built.

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