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City Empires is a free web-based city/empire simulation Mass Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) where players act as mayor of their own growing city. After a major world conflict, fought years before, that saw much of the world left in ruins and few people left standing, you have been chosen by the few people that have gathered around you to lead them into a stable and prosperous future.

All buildings have been destroyed and you no longer have services like water, electricity, health, or fire that you once took for granted. There is no longer an education system. All major forms of trade no longer have means to support them, as your highways, railways, seaports and airports have all been battered and without maintenance for decades. Most serious of all, without a police force or military support, the security of your people is entirely in yours hands.

Now it is up to you to start, with what few resources you have, to build your city into a successful representation of what you feel life should be like. You will rebuild your infrastructure and regain access to common utilities and services. You will form your police force and assemble a military. Finally, you will educate your people and reopen trade to other developing cities and countries across the planet.

As you continue to grow and prosper you will invest in improvements to your city to generate higher incomes, renew your environment and please your people. Cities in the upper levels of society will develop local wonders to further these benefits.

Playing the game

Your task, as mayor of your city, is to maintain operations on a day-to-day basis. By taxing your citizens you earn money for your city that can be spent on growth, projects and other requirements. Be careful though, as the highest tax rate isn't necessarily going to earn you the most money each day. Your citizens will not enjoy high taxes, nor will they stand for a lack of services. It is your duty to ensure your citizens are kept happy, well supplied and secure.

Building your city

You've just been appointed mayor of your city and you have a small amount of money you will use to begin building your city. Many mayors make initial purchases that ruin the progress of their city, so we'll give you a hint to get started off on the right foot.

When starting your city you need to remember that infrastructure are your blocks with which to build. More infrastructure levels mean more people, and having more people translates into more money for your city. As your population grows, however, you will need to supply your citizens with adequate services and protection.

When starting your city it is advisable to follow the tips provided when viewing your city, as it will allow you to get off to a good start


After you create your city you will have the option of joining or creating a country. Countries offer cities the chance to operate together under one flag. Countries are lead by Capital Cities, who then have the option to appoint Assistant Cities to help with duties. When joining a country it is always wise to do some research. Be sure the country you join is a good fit for you, because on this planet not everyone is alike. Some countries favor battle, while others may favor diplomacy. Some may play for fun and some may play for domination. The choice is yours. Should you choose to create your own country, the option is available to you, however an in-game fee is applicable to all newly created countries.


Wars are common on our planet. After creating your city, you will begin designing your military force in an effort to protect your citizens. Choosing between everything from soldiers, to missiles, spies, anti-aircraft weapons, tanks, jets, helicopters and most powerful of all, nuclear warheads can be a tough choice. Remember that your people want to feel safe. Since all military purchases benefit your city in different ways, make sure you choose your defenses carefully.

An additional aspect of military battle is in naval warfare. Mayors can purchase naval bases that further allow the purchase of naval forces including submarines, aircraft carriers and other equipment used in naval battles.


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